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Learn to trade online with full-time professional trader Ross Maxwell If you want to Learn to be a trader, my range of trading education courses will provide a sensible approach to trading that aims to provide long term success as a trader. You will learn to trade online from a full-time professional trader. Many education providers promote irresponsible trading methods and are only interested in selling you their hugely overpriced products rather than being invested in your long-term trading success. I am a full-time professional trader, and have been trading the financial markets for more than 20 years. I have experience of coaching and mentoring traders from all over the world, helping them to achieve their trading goals. Now I help people like you learn to trade online to become a consistently profitable trader. No matter what your experience or what your goals are from trading, you can learn to be a trader with our affordable trading courses tailored to your needs. Key Zone Traders offer a risk focused and realistic approach to trading education to give traders the skills to create long-term success in the markets