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  • Currency Market Foundations: Dive deep into the currency markets and understand the core principles that most traders don’t know exist or completely overlook. This part alone will improve your trading results almost instantly.
  • Effortless Earnings: Unearth the techniques that allow you to earn even while you sleep! Say goodbye to countless hours spent glued to your screen waiting for that one trade setup. Learn how to trade profitable in just 30 minutes a day.
  • Set & Forget Trading: The ultimate guide to placing trades, setting the right parameters, and letting the market do the work. Peace of mind guaranteed!
  • Funded Trader Mastery: Pass the funded trader program evaluation with ease! I’ll arm you with the strategies, tools, and confidence to showcase your trading prowess and gain access to massive capital pools through successful navigation of funded trader program evaluations.
  • Real-Life Case Studies: Witness a deep dissection of actual trades take by Alex and his private trading clients, to show you how the strategies work in the live markets.

Why This Masterclass is Different:


  • 👉 Expert-Led: Alex has nearly two decades experience in the financial markets both as a fund manager and trading coach. In this masterclass he is going to use all this experience to demystify the currency markets like never before!
  • 👉 Interactive: Engage actively with live Q&A sessions, hands-on activities and receive feedback tailored to your specific needs
  • 👉 Holistic Approach: More than just trading tactics, we dive deep into the mindset, discipline, and resilience required to excel in this volatile market.
  • 👉 Exclusive Content: Receive Unparalleled insights and techniques not shared elsewhere
  • Exclusive LIVE Masterclass with Alex Ong

    Are you tired of spinning your wheels in the currency market, feeling like you’re getting nowhere? Maybe you’ve heard stories of traders making consistent, passive profits, and you wonder, “Why can’t that be me?” … It can be, and I am here to show you how.
  • Friday, 24th November 2024 / 9am – 1pm
  • Oxford Room, 2nd Floor, Grand Connaught Rooms
  • Price of £225 including coffee and refreshments
  • Early Bird 20% discount ends 10th November (Save £45, pay £180)
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About Alex Ong

I Have Spent The Last 18 Years Trading The Forex Markets

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Alex Ong and I have been trading the financial markets since 2005. Having traded through the financial crisis in 2008, natural disasters, central bank interventions, wars and global pandemics I have developed a trading approach that is battle tested, proven to work and completely different to what you will find on other sites on the internet.

Trading is simple but it is not easy. Forex traders can make unbelievable amounts of money if they have an approach that works and they have the ability to follow the rules. They can also lose a lot of money if they trade recklessly and without a plan. The question is what do you want your trading fate to be?

Do you want to have the ability to live a location independent life and make decisions based on what you want to do rather than what you have to do? Do you want to learn an approach that will give you the ability to live life on your own terms?

I teach people to make money trading the currency markets. If you want to begin your trading journey today, following someone who has been trading these markets for nearly two decades, sign up to attend my 4 hour Masterclass LIVE in London on Friday, 24th November 2023!

Don’t let another year pass by wishing you had started today. The future of your trading is in your hands. The path to mastering the currency markets, enjoying passive profits, set & forget trading and confidently passing funded trader evaluations awaits.

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