Emma Raducanu’s Successful Mindset Brings Her Victory at US Open

In today’s newsletter:4 Part Price Action Trading CourseIX Investor Show Gets into GearUpcoming online events10 Ways to Invest Smarter if You Have £500kAre you avoiding these costly investment blunders? For those with a £250,000 portfolio, get this guide and ongoing insights.Learn More. 13th September 2021 | #276Dear Simon,Huge congratulations to Emma Raducanu for winning the […]

Get Ready for IX Investor Virtual 30th June

London Investment Week Newsletter14th June 2021 | #264 It’s good to see the summer weather returning at last, and encouraging news about the pandemic means we can all look forward to a slightly more normal summer. The pandemic appears to be abating in most parts of the world, especially in the west, whewre we’ve seen stock […]

Like De Niro & Pacino, but better!

London Investment Week Newsletter14th June 2021 | #264Dear News,Last week I was full of optimism about the summer and normality returning but it appears I was too hasty as we get ready for a further four weeks of restrictions in the UK until 19th July. Let’s hope these measures will be enough to combat the speadd […]

Freedom Day!

London Investment Week Newsletter21st June 2021 | #265Dear News,It’s FREEDOM DAY! Well not quite… A few more weeks, but in reality I think many of are starting to feel normality returning which is great.But how long will this positivity follow through to the markets? Has the rally been too dependent on government stimulus? Is there a […]

Green Bonds

London Investment Week Newsletter30th June 2021 | #266 Congratulations to all the England football fans for getting through to the quarter finals! (and as a Scotman, that wasn’t hard for me to say – honest!) Today we’ve just heard the news that the Government is set to issue £15 billion ‘Green Bonds’ via NS&I. There’s no […]

Trade like the Three Lions!

London Investment Week Newsletter5th July 2021 | #267 Football has taken over the headlines this week as England progress to a semi-final against Denmark on Wednesday evening. Often these final games can see players become over cautious and less adventurous in play due to the fear of letting the ball get past them resulting in the […]

Summer Travel Plans

London Investment Week Newsletter2nd August 2021 | #270 Summer is here and I hope you are managing to travel, even a short staycation further than a few miles from the house can do wonders. Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of spending a few days in Barcelona with my 14 year old daugher as travel […]

You have more in common with Jason Kenny than you realise!

London Investment Week Newsletter9th August 2021 | #271 August has arrived and we’ve sadly had to say sayonara to the Tokyo Olympics. All the athletes did great things (are they getting younger or is it just me?) and reminded the world that sport is a great unifier for humanity. However, the top level competitivness also unmasked the uglier side of […]

Live Events are Back!

London Investment Week Newsletter16th August 2021 | #272Dear Simom,This photo was taken at the RTCT Live! Event in 2018. Around 500 traders joined me at The Grand Connaught Rooms in London for a day full of trading education, discussion and networking with traders of all levels.For obvious reasons we’ve been unable to meet up ‘in-person’ at […]

Beware the Instatraders!

London Investment Week Newsletter23rd August 2021 | #273Dear Simom,Beware of the Instatraders!Earlier this month I had the misfortune of catching the last 20 minutes of a BBC Three documentary entitled ‘Instatraders’.The journalist was exploring the growing number of forex education companies that are recruiting clients though slick instragram and TikTok posts.Not only did all the educational […]