Record attendance at IX Show November 2023!

Record attendance of traders and investors at IX Show on 24th November 2023 By 8.00 am the first 50 traders were already registered and making their way to the live trading floor where expert trader Ross Maxwell was analysing position he had on the FTSE and Forex markets. By 9.00 am over 200 people were […]

13 Insider Trading Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

Claim your FREE copy of “13 Insider Trading Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind” If you’ve ever been scammed, you will know that it’s one of the worst feelings in the world. You feel powerless. Somebody has conned you out of your money. They’ve lied to you, they’ve deceived you. You pay for their fancy […]

Discover the secrets to Trading the Currency Markets… The RIGHT Way!

Veteran trader with 18 successful years in the markets offers a rare opportunity t0 learn his simple system for makeing money Very pleased to announce this special feature event at the IX Show this year.  I’ve known Alex for 15 years and he’s been a great supporter of the shows and webinar trading conferences. Alex’s […]

Keep your Progress Scaling to $1,000,000 Funded Account

Getting to the $1,000,000 funded account is every trader’s dream. But with Tradiac it is the most realistic to reach that funding amount. In this article I will go over what the path to reaching $1,000,000 in funding looks like. Why it is the most feasible to do it with Tradiac. And how our Redemption […]

Passing of Dr. David Paul

Passing of Dr. David Paul On 31st July 2023 I received the sad news that my friend and colleague of 15 years, Dr. David Paul, had passed. David was a uniquely talented mentor and a gentleman.  He was a long time supporter of the IX Investor Shows and was always a welcome face on the […]

Great Networking and Tips at the Traders’ Working Lunch

Hundreds of traders participated in the Traders’ Working Lunch at the IX Investor Trader Show in April 2023.  Everything discussed from day trading, portfolio management, stocks, commodities and crypto investing. Check out the line up of experts hosting tables at the next event here >>

See Live Trading at the IX Trader Show!

Join us for an exhilarating in-person Live Trading Demo at the IX Investor Trader Show, where the world of trading comes to life before your eyes! Immerse yourself in a dynamic environment filled with real-time market action, expert analysis, and the thrill of making trades in a simulated trading setting. Upon entering the show, you’ll […]

Exciting News from London’s IX Investor Trader Show!

📣 Exciting News from London’s IX Investor Trader Show! 📈🌍 We are thrilled to share the highlights and success of the recent IX Investor Trading Show held in the vibrant city of London. Traders, industry experts, and financial enthusiasts from around the globe flocked to the event, creating an electric atmosphere filled with knowledge sharing, […]

Tom Hougaard at IX Show

Standing room only at Tom’s IX presentation One of the highlights of the November 2022 event was the legendary day trader, TraderTom, or Tom Hougaard! During a special 45 minute session, Tom outlined his approach to creating the right mindset to be successful at trading. Every one of the 170 seats were full with more […]

Busy Busy Busy! IX Show November 2022!

Hundreds of traders flocked to Central London in November! Doors opened at 9.00 am on the Friday morning for the IX Investor Trader Show, and by 9.25 am there were already 150 traders waiting patiently in the ‘Traders’ Theatre’ for the first speaker – Alpesh Patel O.B.E.. By 10.00 am the noise level coming from […]