Bitcoin becomes legal tender in El Salvador!

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Bitcoin becomes legal tender in El Salvador
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Special 4 Part day trading course with Adam Harris
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Bitcoin has become legal tender in El Salvador
7th September 2021 | #275Dear News,
Apologies for being a day late this week. It´s due to the laptop hard drive packing up yesterday and forcing a quick trip to PC repair shop – a fancy new ´Solid State Drive´ now being installed (whatever that is!) and my techy 11 year old son very excited!
————————————————————-Bitcoin becomes legal tender
Almost as excited as I was to hear that Bitcoin has been made legal tender. Who would have thought that El Salvador would steal the march on introducing digital currency as legal tender?
Given their economic dependence on migrant workers abroad (mainly US) and then sending money home, they discovered the bank commissions were topping $400 million annually and switching to Bitcoin is planned to help make huge savings.
Is this now certain future?
We know that Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) are just around the corner for more countries including US and UK and EU, so it will be interesting to see where this will lead. I personally still like the feel of a crisp tenner in my pocket though…
The ´Let´s Get Digital´ Conference Session at IX Investor Show on 26th November will explore this and other implications for investors and traders of digital assets. Order your ticket for the show here
—————————————————————Upcoming events for traders
Look out for links to our upcoming webinar events with Round the Clock Trader this autumn.
I´m finalising details for a very series of special events with Trade Oracle Group to get a sneak peak at their incredible FLOW system for traders. I look forward to introducing you to their founder, veteran trader and philanthropist, Richard Lackey.
(My friend Dan Blystone recently published this excellent interview with Richard at his Traders Log website here.)
Reserve your slot at the webinar I´ll host with Richard on the 28th October – Click here
Plus we´ll be going live with Simon Massey and ‘The Art of Execution’ on 14th October, and also Steve Ruffley on 21st October.
Check out ALL our upcoming webinars at our events page here
——————————————————————Special 4 Part day trading course with Adam Harris

Starting in September, we’ve arranged a special 4-Part course of webinar classes (in association with Fineco Bank) which will help you conquer the challenges of short term swing and day trading.
Click here to register

Here are the dates of the webinars:
16 September 2021Price Action – Part 1. Essential Technical Analysis Tips for Trading
21 September 2021Price Action – Part 2. Trading Tactics Pro Day Traders Use Everyday
28 September 2021Price Action – Part 3. How to Build In Smart Risk Control to your Trading Routine
06 October 2021Price Action – Part 4. How to Implement a Positive Trading Mind-set to Achieve Consistency
I hope you can join us for Part 1 on 16th September – please register here.
———————————————————————-Launch of new Round the Clock Trader chat rooms coming soon…
I’ve been working these past few months to increase the offering at Round the Clock Trader. Many of you will know the brand and the live events and webinars we’ve produced over the years for traders, using many of my good friends and trading colleagues.
Well now I’m pleased to announce that I’m about to launch a new product with hand-picked traders who I have seen to excel at not only trading, but also the ability to help others find success too.
Using new platforms, tools and chat facilities these new mentors will offer personalised training and coaching to their members support by Round the Clock Trader. It’s truly exciting to start this project and I look forward to telling more in future newsletters.

Have a great week!
Simon Campbell
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