Busy Busy Busy! IX Show November 2022!

Hundreds of traders flocked to Central London in November!

Doors opened at 9.00 am on the Friday morning for the IX Investor Trader Show, and by 9.25 am there were already 150 traders waiting patiently in the ‘Traders’ Theatre’ for the first speaker – Alpesh Patel O.B.E..

By 10.00 am the noise level coming from the exhibition hall was rising and with several hundred visitors through the doors now, the atmosphere was very positive and full of anticipation as visitors each found their way to favourite speakers and seminars.

While some took their seats, others were just finished their sessions and headed to the coffee bar for a free coffee (courtesy of sponsors Trade Nation).

It wasn’t long before the famous Danish day trader (with millions of online followers) Tom Hougaard took the stage and once again all the seats filled – and more standing at the back.  Tom provided an inspirational, and honest account of what it took to really conquer the markets.  He borrowed from his recently published trading best seller – Best Loser Wins – and really had the crowd cheering when he gave them the straight talk!

All the while, in the Oxford Room, a select had opted to spend the morning with an expert coach at the Masterclasses, developing and learning hands-on skills to help them improve their trading skills. 

The Hub of the event, the Exhibitor Hall, was an excellent place to meet sponsors, each of whom were ready to help and visitors find the answers they needed;  education, tools, mentors or new systems – if they didn’t offer it themselves, they were happy to recommend where to find it.

Before long it getting on for lunchtime and the main feature panel session on the big stage.  Our experts included industry insiders and real traders, journalists and online influencers.

And no sooner after introductions were concluded, the hands went up…

Where will the dollar go?  What will the FED do?  Which sectors and stocks for 2023?  Technical analysis or fundamental analysis?

The audience participation was excellent and kept the panel busy sharing their experience.

Almost seamlessly the big names appeared on stage to present live talks on stock selection, market commentary and guidance on how to build wealth through private investing and trading.

The printed copies of the Smart Trader Magazine were a hit with visitors.  Taking time over a coffee to check the seminar schedules, read up about the speakers, or enjoy one of the exclusively written articles and tutorials.

For those keen on learning more, there were 30 minute intro seminars taking place all day in the Showcase Theatre.  In this room of 50 seats, the sponsors presented free education and guidance on best practice and ideas for trading success.

By 4.30 pm the event was still bustling and busy, some new  visitors hastily registering at the desk to see the last hour of the event after catching a last minute tweet, like or share on social media from the live show.

One lucky attendee even won a free one week course with sponsors London Academy of Trading.  His name was pulled from the hat of correct entries having competed the trading word search puzzle in the event guide!

Eventually at 5.30 pm – visitors were asked to leave, sponsors dismantled stands and screens, and by 6.00 pm most were heading to the pub to watch England in the 2022 World Cup!

But what business had been done, what new opportunities for trading and making money had been discussed!  Feedback was very positive as visitors headed for the door, arms full of trading guides, magazines and brochures.  Heads full of new ideas, stocks to research and strategies to test.

Until the next time it’s online webinars at Round the Clock Trader Summits, but we are dedicated to helping retail traders succeed by finding and meeting up with quality partners, brokers, mentors and educators.

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