Finding low risk, Ultra High reward trades…

  • Trading Masterclass with Charlie Burton
  • Friday, 29th April 2022 to 2pm – 5.00pm
  • Coronet Room @ Grand Connaught Rooms
  • Includes
    • eBook 
    • Entry ticket to IX Investor Show and more trading seminars
    • 3 hours intensive tuition that will teach you to trade better
  • Price of £225 including coffee and refreshments
  • Early Bird 20% discount when booked online (pay £180)

Course Outline

Stage 1

The groundwork. In this part of the presentation, Charlie shows real examples of trades he has taken and how to approach finding setups like this. Just like any building, if the foundations aren’t there, you simply can’t progress to the next stage of construction…

Stage 2

The strategy for entry. Most traders focus on strategy first, but Charlie sees strategy as secondary to the groundwork. Having said that, this is the section that enables the trade to begin with a specific pattern, stop loss and target criteria.

Stage 3

Staying with the trade and building it. A high reward strategy is useless if you can’t stay with it. This is the road less travelled as most traders can’t stick to the plan of running their winners. Here Charlie gives techniques for enhancing these high reward trades plus gives his key psychological advice which is critical for this type of trading.

Why you should attend

This presentation will give you the complete beginning to end process of trading this pattern and is for traders who are willing to pursue a path that 85% don’t follow. Charlie is a regulated professional money manager with 24 years experience in the markets.
His unique insights and experience come from a depth of knowledge forged from real world trade exploration.
This is not a binary strategy, Charlie likes to roll his sleaves up and delve into all of the contexts of real world trading, not something out of a textbook.

About Charlie Burton

Charlie has been trading 23 years of which 19 have been full time.

Charlie launched in 2022 after 19 years sunning the successful Ezeetrader community. 

Charlie has been interviewed on BBC radio, the Financial Times, the Daily Telegraph, BBC’s The One Show and is also a regular guest and interviewer on Tip TV (now Core Finance).

He has also presented an many trading shows such as the World Money Show and London Investor, but also as far afield as Kazakhstan and even Bangladesh!

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