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Whether you are just beginning your trading journey, or have a few years experience behind you already, you'll enjoy the activities on offer at the show!

Join with our panel of industry experts for 5 x 15 minute power presentations followed by Q&A with our moderator Ioannis Kantartzis.

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I think the obvious question to ask would be, “what is the ideal trading mindset”. I am sure you have an idea of what the ideal trading mindset would be. Perhaps you are thinking that the ideal trading mindset is one that is not scared. It is a mindset that knows everything there is to know about the markets, about technical analysis, about algorithms, about artificial intelligence, and the list goes on. I can only speak for myself what the ideal trading mindset is. I have some experience that makes me well suited to discuss what the ideal mindset is, or perhaps better said, I have an idea of what is NOT the ideal mindset.

New for 2023 is the Traders’ Working Lunch, where we invite our contributing experts to each host a table  in the Trader’s Theatre where up to ten attendees can join for conversation, Q&A and sharing experiences of the markets.
There is no pre-booking, just first come first served seating allowing for free movement between the tables, enabling informal guidance, Q&A, and networking between the experts and attendees, and equally the attendees with other attendees.
Our ambition for this event is for early stage traders to be able to ask the questions in smaller groups that they might be afraid to as part of a larger audience.  Also, attendees have better opportunities to meet and learn with more of the experts at the event, and also for attendees to have a better chance to meet one another and help by sharing their own experiences.

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Take you trading to the next level with a premium masterclass session at the event.

Limited to just 20 per class to maintain quality, you can choose from four instructors and topics that will put on the right path for profits!

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Watch the experts trade live in front of your eyes!

  • 8.00 am BST 1 hour Live trading UK & European indices, stocks and currencies
  • 2.00 pm BST 1 hour Live trading US indices, stocks and currencies.    

More than a million millionaires were created in the US last year through stock market investing. In fact, the
stock market remains the largest engine for wealth creation throughout the world and in this presentation,
Alex is going to talk to you about one of the most exciting opportunities to make money in nearly 15 years
and how you can get in on the ground floor to maximise your returns. Alex will reveal the top 3 sectors to
invest in and show you a proven framework to identify these high yielding opportunities for yourself. You will
leave the presentation with a solid plan to take advantage of this once in a generation opportunity so you can
grow your account to put yourself in a position to retire young, early and wealthy.

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Meet the hottest companies that will help you maximise your trading returns.  Brokers, signal providers, stock analysis tools and more, and often you’ll meet the founders and directors on stand.

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With room for 200+ seated, our main stage presentations feature live trading panels, symposiums and feature presentations by inspirational speakers such as Tom Hougaard, Steve Ward, Alex Ong and Michael Taylor.

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IX Media provides innovative and successful solutions for retail investors and traders to learn how to manage financial trading.  The company also helps service providers target and engage active retail investors and traders. The company manages a portfolio of brands including ‘IX Investor Show’ & ‘IX Trader Show’ in-person events and ‘Round the Clock Trader’ online magazine events for traders.