Event Overview

If you're looking for the latest investment and trading education you'll find it here!

Seminars, workshops, conference panels and networking: Every attendee will gain valuable
knowledge, insights and understanding into where the financial markets are heading, which assets
offer the best growth prospects, and which service providers can offer them the best opportunity to
maximise their portfolio performance.
Full agenda here

Presentations and panels with top financial experts, traders and investors.  Situated in the main exhibitor hall. Your free exhibition only ticket will give you access.  Full agenda here

At the Show you can choose from 4x trading coaches to help you overcome the hurdles and challenges of active trading and help you to develop into a successful trader.

Places are limited to small class sizes for these workshop Masterclasses, conducted in private seminar room at the Grand Connaught Rooms, while the show is taking place.  Click here for details

Meet the hottest companies that will help you maximise your trading returns.  Brokers, signal providers, stock anaylsis tools and more, and often you’ll meet the founders and directors on stand.  Full list of exhibitors here

About Us

UK’s ‘go-to’ event for active retail traders, offering visitors unparalleled in-person access to the UK greatest financial educators, service providers and networking.


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