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At Magnetic Trading, we believe it’s very rare to find anyone in the day trading training industry who personally makes a profit on a daily or weekly basis. Most trainers are marketers peddling a “foolproof system”, or relying on their “guru” status to attract clients. At Magnetic Trading, we believe in Transparent Trading. Neither of us learned day trading from a book or youtube videos,- so why should we expect you to learn that way? That’s why we give all of our students live access to our trades. So you can see what professional traders, who trade every day, are doing. The gurus and marketers will tell you the “best way to get experience is by paper trading.” But the reality is, everything changes when it’s real money on the line. You know it’s different, and you make decisions you never would have made if you were trading paper. So your “experience” from paper trading is exactly that: experience trading paper, not Real Experience with Real Trades that can earn (or lose) Real Money.