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Why & How To Invest

Sam North

Sam North is the Trading School Lead at eToro and Co-host of eToro's Digest & Invest podcast. Sam started his trading career as a Futures Trader at Amplify Trading in 2014. He then went on to hold a variety of different positions from Analyst to Associate to Head of Trader Development before joining eToro

Navigating Your Way Through 2022 Global Markets

Justin Urquhart Stewart

Justin Urquhart-Stewart is Chairman and co-founder of Regionally, an investment platform and service connecting private investors to regionally businesses, helping to level up the UK through investment. Previously, Justin co-founded 7IM and whilst as Head of Corporate Development, he ensured the principle of doing the right thing is as powerful today as it was at the outset. As an enthusiast of financial education and service, he is a champion of providing clients the very best, clearly expressed.

Safe & Consistent Portfolio Growth in Any Market Condition

David Paul, VectorVest UK

David is the UK MD of VectorVest. He trades short term for cash and to bank that cash into more solid longer term UK shares for both growth and dividend income using the VectorVest methodology.

Tips & Ticks Investing in the Crypto Markets from a Decade Long Veteran…

Sam Volkering

Sam Volkering is an Editor for Money Morning and is small-cap, cryptocurrency and technology expert. He's not interested in boring blue chip stocks. He's after explosive investments; companies whose shares trade for cents on the dollar, cryptocurrencies that can deliver life-changing returns.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) - A Guide for Private Investors

Becky O’Connor

Becky O’Connor is head of pensions and savings at interactive investor, the investment platform, and author of the soon-to-be published ESG Investing Handbook. She has spent two decades as a journalist and commentator on personal finance, investment and pensions. For the past ten years, she has also covered the rapid rise of sustainable investing. Becky is a co-founder of the Good With Money website; chair of the ethical advisory committee for Castlefield Investment Management and a fellow of the RSA, in recognition of her work communicating the benefits of ethical financial advice.

Hot Sectors for Traders & Investors

Alpesh Patel O.B.E.

Alpesh Patel is a top professional trader and financial analyst in the UK. He is the founder of a FCA regulated asset management firm managing millions of dollars in investments.