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Adam Harris Trading Masterclass

  • Day & Swing Trading with Price Action Masterclass with Adam Harris
  • Friday, 29th April 2022  10.00am – 1pm
    Coronet Room @ Grand Connaught Room
  •  Includes
    • Hardcover Trading for Life Guide by Adam Harris
    • Entry ticket to IX Investor Show and more trading seminars
    • 3 hours intensive tuition that will teach you to trade better
    • Price of £225 including coffee and refreshments
    • Early Bird 20% discount until 15th April (pay £180)

Are you struggling to achieve consistancy in your trading?

Each year, Adam mentors a select few individuals, but this year he is offering his first master class here with exclusive content.

In this special session, Adam will cover the key parts that you need to master to get you to consistent profits in technical trading.

– false belief systems
– crucial technical skills
– making the market work for you, understanding momentum
– when to trade, and when to sit on your hands
– and show you  his favourite trading strategy

In order to get you where you need to be, confident and consistent, you need to know why you are taking a trade, which market to take it in, and how to manage it AND yourself to closure.

Master Class topics - What you will learn:

1. How to eliminate doubt and common conspiracies
2. How traders build a case to take a trade
3. Developing a real-world trading plan, and trade management system
4. How to scan the markets to find the best opportunities
5. How to improve self-control
6. How to design a working plan going forward

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