Learn how to trade for a living with these professional trading speakers

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Netflix Revisited

Stephen Clapham

Steve is the founder of Behind the Balance Sheet. Following a 25-year career as an investment analyst, Steve decided to put that experience to good use and train the next generation (or sometimes the current generation) of investment analysts, private investors, and portfolio managers.

Precise steps for successful trading

Sunil Mangwani

Sunil Mangwani is a Physics graduate with a Diploma in Financial Management. He has been trading & consulting the forex market since the last 20 years and devises trading strategies based on his vast knowledge and in-depth study in the field of technical analysis. He specializes in trading with price action and Fibonacci ratios to effectively trade patterns such as ‘Divergence’, ‘The 1-2-3 pattern’, ‘Wolfe waves’ & ‘Harmonics’.

Why Bond Markets are the Retail Traders New Best Friend

Neil Crammond

Neil is one of the lead educators at Educate2trade. He has been trading for a long time, with an incredibly successful career as a professional trader.

How and When to Use Algo & Trading Bots

Ivo Luhse

Ivo is the founder of Dara Trade. He helps trading mentors to automate their trading and grow students into profitable traders without learning how to code.

Using 'Scarce Information' For Repeatable Windfalls

Guy Cohen

Trusted advisor to professional money managers, for over 25-years Guy has researched a largely untapped area of the market: options data. This research has resulted in the patented OVI indicator which Guy has used to consistently outperform the markets, and share in his WiseTraders platform. Guy is passionate about unlocking the power of scarce information, and his mission is to help both retail and professional investors achieve similar success trading the US stocks and options market.

How to Trade Crypto Successfully

Glen Goodman

Glen Goodman was an ITV news reporter who traded the markets for extra cash – until one day he realised he was a successful trader who did TV reporting for extra cash. He famously turned a £3,000 trade into £100,000 by betting there would be a financial crash in 2008, an experience he later recounted in The Times. He is now regularly interviewed by the media including the BBC, Forbes, Newsweek and LBC, and is a contributing expert on cryptocurrency at the London School of Economics.

How to Pick Winning Stocks with Confidence

Paul Roberts

Paul Roberts is the Founder and CEO of Stockomendation. Stockomendation was founded to level the playing field for investors and to bring transparency to the stock tip industry. We are completely impartial and concerned only with presenting you with the latest share tips and their performance data.

Lessons from a Crypto Trading Developer

Shaun McDonogh (

Shaun is the lead developer and Chief Wizard at – a platform which facilitates profitable trading strategies in crypto through automation, arbitrage and machine learning. Having worked in the industry for over 5 years, Shaun has developed a suite of solutions for traders that work, not through speculation, but through data science. Having formerly worked as an Analytics Lead and Data Scientist in large corporates, Shaun’ focus is on blockchain due to its ever-increasing technological advancements in allowing settlement to become fully automated.

It's Not Over - Don't Bet Against the Meme Stocks

Theo Casey, ACSI

Theo is founder and chief executive of financial content agency Marketcolor who work with the largest asset management and investment management institutions in the world. Prior to Marketcolor, Theo was editor and investment director of Britain's oldest investment letter The Fleet Street Letter for five years, then editor of Euromoney Institutional Investor's Futures and Options Intelligence and then editor-at-large of Barclays Stockbrokers' Smart Investor. Theo is @finfluential on TikTok where he shares short-form financial education and commentary targeted at today's traders and investors.

Building a Growth Portfolio That Can Easily Beat Inflation.

David Paul

David Paul is the MD of VectorVest UK. He continues to trade short term for cash and to bank that cash into more solid longer term UK shares for both growth and dividend income using the VectorVest methodology.

Trend Following & Spread Betting: The Most Efficient Investing Approach'

Zaheer Anwari

Zaheer is the co-founder of Sublime Trading Ltd, which provides it's community of members with an investment system with proven results. Zaheer enjoys mentoring busy professionals to compound their wealth investing in stocks, commodities and currencies between now and retirement.