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An Effective and Simple Swing Trading Strategy to Make Money

Charlie Burton

Charlie has been trading 24 years of which 19 have been full time. It was a result of a live trade-off at the London Forex Show that the BBC heard about Charlie and subsequently created ‘Traders; Millions by the minute’. On that show, you see Charlie banking £700 on a trade in a couple of hours. Charlie also runs the trader community

Technical vs Fundamental Analysis - Why a combination of both, is always the best option

Asanka Weeratunge, Programme Manager, London Academy of Trading

Asanka completed his degree in Theoretical Physics with German from Loughborough while pursuing a career as a commercial pilot. He then found an interest in financial markets and enrolled on the Level 5 Applied Financial Trading programme, receiving a Distinction Grade and going on to work as a Technical Analyst for TradeMade Systems, providing professional Technical Market Analysis for multiple Financial Institutions within the City of London. Having stayed in touch with LAT, he was invited back to join the Team while continuing to manage and trade a private fund.

Building a Growth Portfolio That Can Easily Beat Inflation.

David Paul

David Paul is the MD of VectorVest UK. He continues to trade short term for cash and to bank that cash into more solid longer term UK shares for both growth and dividend income using the VectorVest methodology.