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Chris Tubby

Senior director of trading and education for Symax Fintech

Symax Fintech have a prop trading desk and train many to become professional traders. Chris is a veteran trader with 48 years of trading experience and has been trading prop for the past 37 years, mainly with his own capital. Chris began his career in commodities becoming senior trader at the age of 22 for a global commodity trade house. Chris transitioned across to the financial futures markets when they arrived in London in the early 80`s. From the mid-80s he traded prop using his own capital. His trading expertise is extremely varied and includes prop trading, arbitrage, and market-making for many exchanges on a variety of financial and commodity products. Chris spent four years at an Italian Bank in Milan and was also as part of a team providing liquidity to both the major oil exchanges. He has traded every asset class, including crypto (how can you teach if you do not have the experience of trading it yourself!). Over the past decade he has become a leading educator on trading, helping traders from those just starting their journey to 20+ year pros. Chris really enjoys passing on his knowledge, passion and trading skills to others and then watch them mature into traders, with many he assisted gone on to become successful traders as prop, at funds or banks. Chris consulted to the London Stock Exchange Group, and he still assists other exchanges, funds, and brokers with many projects, mainly around training and hedging. Another area he is very active in is mentoring traders of all levels to help them reach their goals, with his customers spread around the globe, although mainly in Europe. Symax Fintech provide webinars, a weekly YouTube (Sundays) preparing traders for the week ahead and a daily newsletter providing global news, his views, and fresh daily chart levels. They deliver one-day workshops, one-week intensive trading course, and their flagship Accredited Masterclass in Financial & Commodity Trading. A few months of learning how to trade can produce a lifetime of financial freedom.