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Simon Cotterill

Regulated Fund Manager and Co-Founding Partner at SC Trading

After successfully running my printing company for over 12 years, I moved into day trading in 2010. From 2014 I have been day trading as my full-time career. I am a technical analysist with an eye on the news. My analysis centres on pattern recognition and candle stick formations, combined with simple support and resistance, trendlines and Fibonacci applications, mapping the markets in order to spot trading opportunities. I am currently obtaining my STA Diploma. I have managed reset my trading brain and concentrate on the psychology of trading by maintaining strict discipline, control and a detailed routine. I implement my trading principles and rules to maximise my technical analysis approach. I have built on experience and in the past 3 years been consistently profitable and working to continue this success. I currently split my time between trading, managing money for SC Trading and working for Cosen Capital, where I am responsible for their Technical Analysis reports. I bring years of Technical Analysis experience and a wealth of knowledge gained through trading. I provide consistant gains for SC Trading with reliable and trusted daily technical analysis and clear trade signals for Cosen Capital.