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Sunil Mangwani

CEO, Fibforex123.com

Sunil Mangwani is a Physics graduate with a Diploma in Financial Management. He has been trading & consulting the forex market since the last 20 years and devises trading strategies based on his vast knowledge and in-depth study in the field of technical analysis. He specializes in trading with price action and Fibonacci ratios to effectively trade patterns such as ‘Divergence’, ‘The 1-2-3 pattern’, ‘Wolfe waves’ & ‘Harmonics’. He incorporates the concepts of ‘Money Management’ & the ‘Mind’ factor, in each of the trading techniques, to prepare an effective & detailed Trade Plan. He conducts workshops/seminars on advanced technical analysis for select group of traders all over the globe & his “Personal Mentorship” program has benefitted many traders. He has also developed a proprietary Harmonic pattern – the “Diamond pattern” with a patent pending. www.fibforex123.com sunil@fibforex123.com