Trading the Class “A” Divergence with advanced Fibonacci Ratios

  • Trading Masterclass with Sunil Mangwani
  • Friday, 27th September 2024/ 2pm – 5pm
  • Oxford Room @ Grand Connaught Rooms at the IX Show
  • Includes
    • Includes FREE eBook 7 Trading Secrets: Techniques used by professional traders to make money
    • Entry ticket to IX Trader Show – save £25
    • 3 hours intensive tuition
  • Price per person – £147  

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Have you entered a trade, only to get stopped out and  subsequently watch price go in the direction you estimated?

You are simply getting ‘trapped’ in the moves created by professional trades……to take money from retail traders, which is what price movements & Supply/Demand are all about.

These ‘Trap Moves’ form the ‘Divergence’ technical pattern, which is a commonly traded technique, but we will add some advanced tools to it.

In this ‘Master-Class you will learn to trade this primary setup used by Banks/Institutes, thus keeping your trades aligned with the professional traders.

Advanced Divergence: Most traders are not aware that there are different types of divergences – Class A, B & C.

We will learn to identify & trade the “Class A” divergence which is the strongest type of divergence.

In addition, we will use certain ‘Institutional Fibonacci ratios’ as a confirmation factor, which most retail traders are not aware of.

Master Class topics - What you WILL learn...

1. Understanding trends & plotting trend lines correctly.
2. Introduction to Institutional Fibonacci ratios and correct way to plot these ratios.
3. Understanding Institutional Support & Resistance zones.
4. Classifying the different types of Divergences.
5. Trading the ‘Class A’ Divergence, with precise Entry, Stop and Target levels.
6. Preparing an iron clad ‘Trade Plan’ for the technique, including Risk Management principles and Trade Management steps.

About Sunil Mangwani

Sunil Mangwani is a Physics graduate with a Diploma in Financial Management.

He has been trading & consulting the forex market since the last 20 years and devises trading strategies based on his vast knowledge and in-depth study in the field of technical analysis.

He specializes in trading with price action and Fibonacci ratios to effectively trade patterns such as ‘Divergence’, ‘The 1-2-3 pattern’, ‘Wolfe waves’ & ‘Harmonics’.

He incorporates the concepts of ‘Money Management’ & the ‘Mind’ factor, in each of the trading techniques, to prepare an effective & detailed Trade Plan.

He conducts workshops/seminars on advanced technical analysis for select group of traders all over the globe and his “Personal Mentorship” program has benefited many traders.
He has also developed a proprietary Harmonic pattern – the “Diamond pattern” with a patent pending.