• Live Trading + Mind & Method of High Stake Day Trader with Tom Hougaard 
  • Friday, 29th April 2022  10.00am – 1pm
  • Coronet Room @ Grand Connaught Rooms
  • Includes
    • eBook 
    • Entry ticket to IX Investor Show and more trading seminars
    • 3 hours tuition on Ideal Mindset Blueprint and Live Trading
  • Price of £225 including coffee and refreshments
  • Early Bird 20% discount (pay £180)

What you will learn

In this 3 hour talk, Tom Hougaard will discuss the following topics:

1/ As a high-stake stock index trader (FTSE/DAX/Dow) Tom will reveal what price action setups he finds reliable to trade in big size. His trading size is up to £3,200 a point in the FTSE index, and up to £1000 a point in the DAX index.
2/ Tom will execute trades in indices if setups appear during the speech, albeit in a trading size that will allow him to still focus on giving the talk on Mindset.
3/ Tom will give his insights into the Ideal Mindset for a day-trader, referencing his material from his up-coming book “Best Loser Wins”, which is published in June 2022 by Harriman House.

This is a one-of-a-kind workshop, where a trader will trade live and explain how he does it. It is an intimate insight into the mind of a prolific high-stake trader.

Tom Hougaard is the winner of multiple trading competitions, one time turning £25,000 into more than one million pound over the course of a year.

The event is being filmed.

Tom Hougaard says

People don’t fail because they don’t know enough about technical analysis.  They fail because they don’t understand what the markets are doing to their minds”. Best Loser Wins is an antidote to conventional and flawed thinking in trading, and a blueprint for a new belief system for traders who want to elevate their results to levels they never dreamed they could reach.”

About Tom Hougaard

Tom Hougaard worked on a broker trading floor for the better part of a decade, trading while observing thousands of clients executing millions of trades.

For the last 12 years he has traded his own funds, focusing primarily on trading stock indices in big size. In addition to his trading, he runs a free Telegram channel, where he post his trading signals in real-time.

He started the trading channel to create an antidote to the obscene levels of BS in the trading education industry, where technical analysis is touted as key to riches. Tom is an ardent believer that technical analysis will cause you to lose money, if you haven’t created a mindset foundation for your trading.

Tom has written extensively on price action and trading psychology, articles which he posts on his website www.TraderTom.com. He will in June publish his book “Best Loser Wins”.

Tom Hougaard has since 2014 been competing in an annual trading competition, organised by a major Danish financial news outlet. He was won the competition both on leveraged and unleveraged terms 4 times, one year turning 250,000 Danish Kroners into a little over 10 million Danish Kroner (leveraged).

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