Trade like the Three Lions!

London Investment Week Newsletter5th July 2021 | #267

Football has taken over the headlines this week as England progress to a semi-final against Denmark on Wednesday evening.

Often these final games can see players become over cautious and less adventurous in play due to the fear of letting the ball get past them resulting in the goal that will send them home.

But in order to win goals they must continue to make passes, try to put the ball into the oppositions’s box, and push themselves into scoring positions.

A balance in other words, between reducing risk of losing, with taking some risk for the return of scoring the winning goals.

And exactly the self-same battle is waged every day by traders and investors in the financial market; desperate not to lose trading capital and yet aware that some risk is essential to reap the rewards!

Just before England and Denmark kick off their big game on Wednesday, I’ll be moderating a full 90 minute webinar workshop with professional fund trader Adam Harris on how traders can employ tools and techniques to develop a winning mind-set, while maintaining risk control in the portfolio.

Use this link to join –

We start at 5pm and finish by 6.30pm so plenty of time to still enjoy the football later in the evening.
Have a great week!

Simon Campbell

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Upcoming Events

Hundreds of investors are enjoying our 4 part workshopPart 4 – The Intelligent Investor7th July @5pm BSTIn this final 90 minute workshop our instructor Adam Harris will be turning attention to risk management and money management techniques that every trader should be aware of including setting stop losses, trading psychology and methods such as scaling in and position sizing.More information and registration

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TradeRoomPlus are the Uk’s Premier Professional Live Trade Room. They’ve been helping people like you to learn to trade Forex, Index and Crypto markets on spread bet and CFD broker platforms since 2013.
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