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Welcome and Introductions

Simon Campbell

Simon Campbell is the founder IX Media which publishes numerous trading and investors brands including Round the Clock Trader, The IX Investor Show, London School of Trading and London Investment Week.

Opening Markets Overview & Analysis of 10 Stocks You Cannot Afford to Ignore!

Alpesh Patel O.B.E.

Alpesh has written regular columns for the Financial Times, and has built a worldwide reputation as an authority on economic, business, political issues, with his best-selling books on business, entrepreneurship, global competitiveness topping the charts in UK and international Amazon stores and his political and economic paper review on BBC World TV reaching 280m viewers.

Active Trading Symposium

The Importance of a Structured Trade Plan

Paddy Osborn, MSTA, CFTe Academic Dean / MD London Academy of Trading

Paddy brings more than 30 years of financial markets experience to LAT, and has been Academic Dean since 2011. After graduating from Reading University, Paddy traded Japanese Warrants & Convertible Bonds before joining TraderMade, providing financial software and data to global banks. Since 2006 he has provided analysis and education for several financial institutions including HSBC, CALYON, Morgan Stanley, Nordea Markets, LIFFE and LSE. In addition to his work at LAT, Paddy lectures at UK Business Schools in Financial Trading for MSc students, and provides financial articles to media outlets.

Best Loser Wins

Tom Hougaard aka TraderTom

Tom Hougaard studied economics and finance at two universities in the United Kingdom, and then went on to work for JPMorgan Chase, before spending the next ten years in the City of London as a Chief Market Strategist for a CFD broker. He has given thousands of TV and radio interviews on the state of the market, as well as educating tens of thousands of clients on trading strategies. Since 2009 he has traded for himself. Tom has self-published several works on trading psychology, price action and product knowledge. You can follow Tom’s trading via Telegram and YouTube. You can view his trading results on

Opportunities and Challenges for Retail Traders in a Changing World

Crypto Megayields: Fortune making or fortune destroying?

Sam Volkering

Sam Volkering is Investment Director and Editor at Southbank Investment Research. After moving to the UK from Australia in 2013 he became a contributor to MoneyWeek Magazine and helped Southbank Investment Research grow to become one of the largest financial publishers in the UK today publishing investment ideas and research to over 100,000 UK investors. His book Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and The Future of Money has been published in several languages and reached over 40,000 investors worldwide.

Markets set to fall v markets set to rise in 2023

Justin Urqhart Stewart

Justin Urquhart-Stewart is Chairman and co-founder of Regionally, an investment platform and service connecting private investors to regionally businesses, helping to level up the UK through investment. Previously, Justin co-founded 7IM and whilst as Head of Corporate Development, he ensured the principle of doing the right thing is as powerful today as it was at the outset. As an enthusiast of financial education and service, he is a champion of providing clients the very best, clearly expressed.

Safe and Consistent Portfolio Growth

David Paul, MD VectorVest UK

David Paul has been trading in the financial markets since 1982 and as a self-supporting trader since 1988. He is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with a PhD in applied Mathematics. He trades short term for cash and banks that cash into more solid longer term UK shares for both growth and dividend income using the VectorVest methodology.

Retire Young, Retire Early, Retire Wealthy - The Biggest Opportunity In A Generation Is Finally Here

Alex Ong

Alex Ong has been trading the financial markets for nearly two decades, and in this time has encountered and prospered in every type of event, economic cycle, central bank intervention or natural disaster you can think of. Alex trades and invests in a multitude of different markets including Equities, Currencies and Commodities. Alex is a seasoned professional with a wealth of trading and investment experience. As the Managing Director of a private investor fund, he successfully steered the fund and its investors through the Great Recession of 2007 – 2009 and today spends his time trading his own book and teaching others to make money trading and investing.

Day Trading FX Markets with Candles and Correlations

Ian Coleman M.S.T.A.

FX has been Ian's life since leaving school and starting work as a broker in The City of London from 1987-2005, to running his own technical analysis trade ideas company for over ten years, Ian has analysed hundreds of markets, written thousands of reports and taught professional traders and retail beginners alike.

EUR/USD and its many moving parts – everything you need to know

Yohay Elam, FX Street

Yohay Elam is a Senior Financial Analyst at Yohay joined FXStreet in 2018, contributing from his experience to a larger outfit. His insightful outlooks, event previews, and quick analyses have made the site more agile and created more value for traders. He has interviewed dozens of forex experts and has been quoted by other outlets. In 2021, Yohay moved to lead the content in FXStreet’s Premium offering, which includes writing and live webinars, interacting directly with subscribers, participating in the evolution of the product, and more.

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