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Simon Campbell

Simon Campbell is the founder IX Media which publishes numerous trading and investors brands including Round the Clock Trader, The IX Investor Show, London School of Trading and London Investment Week.

Active Trading Symposium

Tom Hougaard on The Ideal Trading Mindset

Tom Hougaard aka TraderTom

Tom Hougaard studied economics and finance at two universities in the United Kingdom, and then went on to work for JPMorgan Chase, before spending the next ten years in the City of London as a Chief Market Strategist for a CFD broker. He has given thousands of TV and radio interviews on the state of the market, as well as educating tens of thousands of clients on trading strategies. Since 2009 he has traded for himself. Tom has self-published several works on trading psychology, price action and product knowledge. You can follow Tom’s trading via Telegram and YouTube. You can view his trading results on

Traders' Working Lunch

Steve Ward - Become a Bulletproof Trader

Steve Ward, Performace Edge Consultants

Steve Ward specialises in working with traders, portfolio managers and markets professionals, helping help them to achieve and to sustain high performance by utilising the latest science, research and practice from elite performance, psychology, physiology, neuroscience, and behavioural science. His clients include some of the world’s top hedge funds, asset managers, commodities trading houses, energy trading firms, utility companies, and proprietary trading groups across the globe.

How To Instantly Increase Your Win Rate Trading Any Market

Alex Ong

Alex Ong has been trading the financial markets for nearly two decades, and in this time has encountered and prospered in every type of event, economic cycle, central bank intervention or natural disaster you can think of. Alex trades and invests in a multitude of different markets including Equities, Currencies and Commodities. Alex is a seasoned professional with a wealth of trading and investment experience. As the Managing Director of a private investor fund, he successfully steered the fund and its investors through the Great Recession of 2007 – 2009 and today spends his time trading his own book and teaching others to make money trading and investing.

A Simple to Execute and High Probability Swing trading Method

David Paul, MD VectorVest UK

David Paul has been trading in the financial markets since 1982 and as a self-supporting trader since 1988. He is a qualified Mechanical Engineer with a PhD in applied Mathematics. He trades short term for cash and banks that cash into more solid longer term UK shares for both growth and dividend income using the VectorVest methodology.

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