Traders' Working Lunch

A new way to learn; meet the experts for informal discussions at small table of 10, asking the questions you need answers to!

Hosted by Simon Campbell, the IX Traders’ Working Lunch is your opportunity to meet speakers and companies in a more relaxed and informal setting – seated around a table together.

Picture this: a cozy lunchtime setting where you can snag a seat (first come, first served) at tables hosted by our seasoned experts. Dive into informal discussions about trading strategies, trends, and insights—all while enjoying a complimentary buffet lunch.

Here’s the scoop: Each mentor will preside over their own table, offering invaluable guidance tailored to their expertise. With topics ranging from market analysis to risk management, there’s something for every trader to sink their teeth into.

Kicking off at 1.00pm, this fast-paced event aims to ensure everyone gets their slice of one-to-one time with the professional trading mentors.

Plan your visit in advance by selecting your preferred tables using the information provided below. You can expect to visit five or six tables of your choosing given the 90 minutes available. Each table will offer a unique specialty – for example ‘Day Trading Stocks’ or ‘Forex’.

The Traders’ Working Lunch takes place in the Trader’s Theatre at the IX Trader Show 2024 from 1.00 pm to 2.00 pm.  We ask that you spend a maximum of 15 minutes with each mentor and choose with tables you will visit in advance using the information below.

Engage with your fellow attendees and a professional trading mentor at the Traders' Working Lunch sessions at IX Investor Trader Show 2023.

Traders' Working Lunch Guide - 2023

Gavin has featured as a headline speaker at numerous seminars and webinars around the world, has provided educational courses for the CME Group in Chicago and has featured as the trader at the New York and Las Vegas traders expo’s Traders Challenge where Gavin traded his live account, showing the principles of VSA appearing live and taking trades. Gavin’s passion is based on the original teachings of Richard Wyckoff, Richard Ney and Tom Williams who all had the same goal, to educate the uninformed public.

Paul Wallace has spent 30 years working, and winning, in various performance environments from the battlefield, sports-field, boardroom, and financial markets. He focuses on trading FX, Indices, and Commodities markets; and runs the trader support practice Tradingbeliefs helping traders manage and improve their trading performance. He will share his experiences of helping individuals turnaround their trading as they find a way to win in financial markets.

Charlie has been trading 26 years, having started in 1997.

Charlie runs where he guides traders through the markets via his live trading room. He’s one of only a few educators who is an authorized money manager so has fully audited accounts.

Members of his community get to learn the strategies and approaches he uses to navigate the markets plus see him establish his positions and manage them throughout the year.

His members are located globally as all his trading sessions are recorded plus his updates are pushed out via his app too.

Charlie has presented an many shows such as the World Money Show, Show FX World, London Forex Show (where he was 5 years undefeated in their trading competition), London Investor Show and more…

Charlie has been interviewed on BBC radio, the Financial Times, Daily Telegraph, the BBC’s The One Show and also been a regular guest on Tip TV. He also featured in the BBC documentary ‘Traders, millions by the minute’ where viewers got to see him trade in front of the cameras plus watch what else he gets up to in his free time!

Michael Buchbinder has more than 15 years of financial experience, covering a wide range of areas in the forex sector; forex trading, risk management, operations, and client support, in addition to experience within compliance and investment banking.

His specialist fields are single currency analysis and cypher patterns combined with a unique system that he has developed to highlight areas of support and resistance. He first contributed to the FXStreet site nearly 20 years ago and has been in constant contact with Francesc and the team over this lifetime of trading. Ian commented on his move ‘It has been a long time coming! I have always been impressed by the content and the quality of work produced by the FXStreet Team. It is great to now be a member of that family. I am looking forward to contributing to the premium service and helping the FXStreet Team to further develop tools that traders need.’ 






Ross Maxwell is a professional trader with more than 20 years experience trading the financial markets and the founder of Key Zone Traders, an online trading education company. He is extremely passionate about trading and about helping others to achieve their goals. He is an experienced professional trader, with a track record of successfully coaching other aspiring traders to reach their goals in trading. Ross spent more than a decade trading in the City of London and Hong Kong, before pursuing a career as a professional day trader in 2014. Ross is a risk focused, price action trader offering a realistic approach to trading education, that tells you what you need to know, with a realistic path to empower students to achieve their targets.

Alex Spiroglou is a quasi-systematic, cross-asset proprietary futures trader. His involvement with capital markets began in 1998, having worked for various proprietary trading and investment management firms in the UK and Greece. He is currently trading his own book, and is active in all major liquid futures markets, across all major asset classes (equity, interest rates, FX, commodities), Alex is the Founder and CEO of SMART Trader Systems Ltd, London. A firm focused on the Training, Support & Development of Institutional Traders (primarily family office managers, emerging money managers, CTA’s) via a 15-step, rules-based Learning Path of quantified Technical and Macro strategies. His Vision is to create a small, strong, Spartan-like, professional trader hub, whose members are willing to share ideas, techniques, and motivation because they realize that teamwork stands at the heart of great achievement. He was also the founding Chairman of the London Chapter of the CMT Association (2010), one of the founding Co-Chairs of the Hellenic Chapter (2014), and continues to serve on the Advisory Board of the CMT Technical Analysis Educational Foundation. He is a happy husband and family man, a caring cat dad, Global Macro Trader, Awarded Market Technician & Energetic Entrepreneur – In that order… He can be reached via his website[/caption

Raj has worked as a lecturer at the Society of Technical Analyst’s at The London School of Economics. He was a Market Analyst at Kitco, FX Street, Tradingview, Interactive investor, Newsquawk and many more. At the AUM, he was Fund manager, managing around $30million with the help of 6 traders. Raj bases his core trading philosophy on technical analysis. This is by no means all, as he uses probability and statistics very heavily. Raj has three pillars of trading which are psychology, money management and then strategy. Without being competent in all three areas of trading it will be hard to succeed. New customers can expect a very calm and relaxed approach but with a great success rate, Raj has managed to turn many new traders into consistently profitable Trading College graduates.






Paresh Kiri is a veteran trader, who was taught and mentored by one of the best – David Kyte, the founder of Kyte Group, the largest independent clearer on LIFFE in the 1990’s. Paresh was a founding partner of Kyte Securities and managed private client wealth in global stock markets. These strategies developed over 4 years were implemented into Marble Bar Asset Management and the launch of the first Hedge Fund for Kyte Group, The Tomahawk Fund. Paresh is now part of the team at TraderMind, the educational establishment founded by Alpesh B Patel OBE to mentor traders.

Eli Yans, a qualified teacher, mnemonics expert and a photoreader, used these skills to analyse more than a decade of behaviour from hundreds of financial instruments in the stock market.Before becoming a very successful trader, he, like so many beginners lost all his money in trading, in particular, Apple stocks. This led him to conduct his own research without the bias of the books, tutorials and traditional trading methods which so many traders have become accustomed to. Tens of thousands of screenshots from the tick, 1-second, 5-second, 15-second and 1-minute charts, were meticulously analysed, trading tools were redesigned and trading theories were built, tested and retested, before writing the book, ‘Applecore: Trade with extreme prejudice’. – probably the most controversial book on trader training printed to date. 

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