Meet Michael Buchbinder and the Tradiac team at the show!

Tradiac: Unlock your potential: Get funded by a hedge fund

About Tradiac

Tradiac, is solving trader’s biggest problem once they become profitable. That is how to get more capital and funding behind their strategy. 
We are partnered with a well capitalized hedge fund that has sophisticated hedging capabilities, so you can rest assured when you win you will get paid out. 
All of our accounts are scalable up to $1m. We only have one phase for the assessment, before you get funded. 
We have the most accommodative drawdown policy with up to 30% maximum dd. 
We have the least restrictive rules. 
We are built by traders for traders. 
No time limits. No minimum trades or trading days. 

About Michael Buchbinder

Michael Buchbinder is the founder of Tradiac.  He has more than 15 years of financial experience, covering a wide range of areas in the forex sector; forex trading, risk management, operations, and client support, in addition to experience within compliance and investment banking.