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London Investment Week Newsletter9th August 2021 | #271

August has arrived and we’ve sadly had to say sayonara to the Tokyo Olympics.

All the athletes did great things (are they getting younger or is it just me?) and reminded the world that sport is a great unifier for humanity.

However, the top level competitivness also unmasked the uglier side of sport, that of immense pressure to perform for family, friends, country, sporting peers and also to oneself!

Some point to social media and the instant judegment dished out to athletes by internet trolls. Either positive or negative will still impact the athletes mental health and can impact results.

Others point to the heavy burden of responsibilty that some countries place on ‘their’ athletes to bring home medals.
Whatever the real reasons, the connection between mental health and athletic performance is undeniable.

And the same goes with trading.

This is why I was so pleased to receive a copy of The Traders Mind Journal in the post box today!

It’s a gift from my friends Steve Ward and Simon Cotterill. (In fact Steve has worked with as many top level athletes as successful hedgefund managers such are the similar challenges in the trading world to that of the sporting world.)

I’ve known both Steve and Simon for many years and they rank among the highest when it comes to professional dedication to help traders, a deep knowldge of the markets and trading, and a genuine desire to help traders overcome the psychological hurdles of achieving low stress, consistent trading profits.

The journal is a 3 month diary which will demand you to record your daily and weekly feelings, emotions and trade performance and ultimately train you to avoid trading when you’re vulnerable, and understand your personal limits so that you can become more consistent in your approach, reduce stress and hopefully losses too!

Visit to find out how to get your copy.

Have a great week!
Simon Campbell

PS – Steve joined me on the RTCT Summer School to discuss the new journal, and why it’s useful for traders. You can watch the interview on our Youtube channel

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